Preparedness for Peace

Austin Texas Lake Front

Austin Texas Lake Front (Photo credit: StuSeeger)

George Davis and I have been going through some training for this program lately. What if Austin experienced an earthquake along the Balcones fault like the Austin Texas Lake Front (Photo credit: StuSeeger)folks in the NE Texas did not too long ago (albeit it wasn’t a full blown earthquake yet)? Would you know what to do? After all, Austin was hit last year by all the fires in the surrounding communities.

Being a part of this program is a natural progression for me with all the crisis intervention trainings, domestic violence and sexual assault trainings, etc. that I had through the Cedar Park Citizen’s Police Academy, working at Williamson Crisis Center (nka Hope Alliance) and the National Domestic Violence Hotline, to name off a few. I’m getting involved with their Call Center to help organize it, as well as attending meetings for the collective group of Disaster Relief Coordinators representative of all the sectors that Austin is divided up in, along with the current DRC of our Hope Presbyterian Church. We have been attending a series of trainings offered at various Churches in Austin and know that there are many more trainings available out there to attend. What would your role be, if you volunteered too?

So far, we have taken a Conflict Resolution in Times of Disaster course and in the midst of taking a Preparedness for Peace course based on the textbook also called Preparedness for Peace.  Soon we’ll be taking a course called Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM/Disaster Psychology).

The way we heard about the program was through an orientation meeting at Hope Presbyterian Church. I think that we might be having another orientation there soon as well. If you haven’t attended an orientation yet, let us know that you would be interested. It’s actually the first step! 😉

If you are interested in becoming a part of this network, contact ADRN….

For inquiries about ADRN, please email

or Mail us at:

Austin Disaster Relief Network
P.O. Box 3817
Cedar Park, Texas 78630

Central Texas Fire Victim Hotline: 512-331-2600

ADRN Fax Number: 512-428-4322

ADRN Training & Preparedness:

General & Central TX Fire Donations:

Joining the Network:

To visit our office, set up an appointment with office personnel or to pick up ADRN merchandise, please email

Office Hours are typically: 9AM-5PM, M-F (it is recommended to email us before dropping by due to our busy training schedule)

ADRN Office: 9508 Jollyville Road, Ste. 103, Austin, Tx ( buidling)

Now – what does this have to do with my journey to the United Nations?  Everything!

While I am not anticipating any violence while at the United Nations, I have been thinking in huge terms of being prepared since I first put in my application back in August, and is making myself even more appreciative of the steps that I am taking during my journey.  I just don’t think that you can take upon such an important role as being a delegate at the United Nations without being prepared in mind, body, and soul.

Side Note:  The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program is a member of ActAlliance, and ActAlliance is part of a lot of activities, including (but not limited to) advocacy, gender equality and justice, human rights in development and many other global related issues.

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