Fundraising Report 10/17/2012

Since I got the official news back on October 15th, I have been buckling down and trying to get funded for this amazing opportunity and venture of a lifetime – to be a part of the Commission on Status of Women at the United Nations, discussing global issues surrounding violence against women and children.

I have set up an account at which doesn’t require that one must be a charitable, non-profit organization.  Although, I am going through the willingness and support of the Presbytery USA, I am the one that is responsible for finding resources to pave the way for me to be on this trip – including covering my hotel and transportation costs, and in my case too covering my need for a scooter to get me to all the locations for the seemingly hundreds of meetings during the 3 week stay.

I have an amazing background that has led up to my being called to do this opportunity, which can be viewed at my LinkedIn profile page, which includes extensive advocacy training on these very same issues, as well as volunteer and paid work through organizations such as CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), GAL (Guardian Ad Litem), Family Eldercare, Williamson County Crisis Shelter (nka Hope Alliance), Cedar Park Police Department, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  Currently, besides pursuing training and experience through the role of a United Nations delegate with the Commission on Status of Women, I have also applied for leadership roles with the Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network (“PADVN”) and the Austin Disaster Relief Network (“ADRN”).  All of these provide me with a direct and unique perspective on the global issues on violence against women and children, while recognizing that men may also be victims of domestic violence (although in the United States, the percentage reported is far less by men than by women).  I’m researching, through the journal of this blog, about statistics of men vs women in other countries affected by personal, intimate violence, among other global issues affecting women and children around the world.

It is my hope and dream to have a voice for other survivors and thrivers of intimate personal violence and make a difference at these meetings held in March with the UN’s Commission on Status of Women.  However, I won’t be able to get there, if not supported through funds, which is where you come in.  Please consider supporting my efforts by clicking on the link below to my donation page on and contribute as much (or little) that you are comfortable with.

Your support will mean the world to me and I will make a mark through sharing my voice (and speaking up for others) upon the world!


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Kathryn Krastin’s donation page!


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