New Guinea



Today, on my Domestic Violence Voices fb page, I receive a posting from DW’s English Service (providing global news from the heart of Europe) which focused upon:

On this week’s Generation Change podcast series, John works with people in Papua New Guinea about rape and domestic violence to make his country a safer place.

Bringing peace to Papua New Guinea

It was a single act of violence that changed 28-year-old John Wamelik’s life forever. At home in a country with one of the world’s most diverse populations, John is now on a mission to make Papua New Guinea a more peaceful place.

Emily Richmond has the story from Rabaul, PNG:

(which also included his interview on a mp3 file)  Click here to hear that interview.

John Wamelik is committed to making his country a more peaceful place.  He began a victim of partner abuse and now is advocating for change through the ENB Ambassadors for Peace, an organization created for youth to share awareness of violence in the community, in his home town of New Britain.



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