My Prayer for the Advocates….

Advocates Close

Advocates Close (Photo credit: willhowells)

May the Lord, our God, wrap the arms of faith, love, and strength to all our sister and brother advocates, whether they believe in you or another higher power, and give them the ability to guide the victims and survivors of violence done upon them (from one that is supposedly loving them but showing otherwise through their actions towards the victims and survivors) to know peace, understand what love really is, etc.  Let also the victims and survivors find that peace through the guidance of the advocates and others guided towards them to help them, and lead them on a path that they not only become a survivor, but also a thriver.  Lift up all the hearts of the advocates so that they can help guide the victims and survivors on paths so that they may feel the power of healing.  Please give the advocates the strength of 1000 or more because we all know how hard of a role this can be, and disheartening it can be when they do return to the abuser.  Let the victims and survivors feel the encouragements and warmth of those who speak to them and know that they are not alone, whether or not they believe in your or in another higher power.  May all the advocates share your voice to demonstrate that there is a need for their work, locally in their own communities, nationally, and globally.  Hear our prayer, O Lord.  Amen.


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