How would you describe empowerment?

Great questions!

What does it mean to be personally empowered?

To be personally empowered involves the innate desire to do good and the passion to help others beyond all belief and to do no harm. This involves the ability to look towards ourselves and give us the encouragement, too, through good thoughts and affirmation, giving us more strength to move forward in this world.

When people are abused, they “lose their power”. What does it look like to become empowered in the healing process?

It means to find that inner strength once again with the desire to stand up for oneself.  The inner strength doesn’t look itself in any particular way, but it results in a glowing of the skin and sparkle returning to the eyes, and laughter resurfaces once again.

Where does our power come from?

Inside one’s own soul. It is the inner strength that is fueled by affirmations, having the freedom to do good deeds for others, and forging ahead for one’s dreams and goals – that not only affects themselves but for the good of those around them.

What is the difference between being empowered and abusing power?

The abuse of power begins when one believes that they alone are the all and be all, and they manipulate their power that they have to benefit themselves alone and not those that are truly in need to be helped. Being empowered means that one can find the inner strength to do for themselves so that they have the strength to help others and can forge ahead in their lives in a meaningful way outside of their own very existence.


3 comments on “How would you describe empowerment?

  1. I applaud this article! Congratulations on your position! I know you will do amazing things! I am a domestic violence survivor and yesterday I decided to end my silence and tell my story. I am hoping that anyone that is dealing with it/dealt with it can try to overcome the pain when the physical pain is gone.
    You can read my story here:
    I hope this brings any reader strength and understanding.

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