The Power of Words — more storytelling tools

These videos provide examples of the power behind words in telling one’s story.   Watch and see…



The power of words CAN make a difference in so many people’s lives — if spoken correctly, they can mean the world to the right person(people) and they can bring a greater understanding and empathy for what is truly happening (or happened) in a person’s life.  For that person to tell his/her story (once figuring out how to put all the pieces together from a chaotic and traumatic circumstance) can be powerful and empowering to the victim/survivor to be finally heard and understood.  I often refer to the Who in Whoville, but it is oh so true…. until someone (Horton) stopped to listen and comprehend what the Who was saying, no one would have ever been able to understand the needs of those in Whoville.

Likewise, the victims just want to be heard and understood.  They need their voice(s) to be shared so that their community (be that small or grand community – their local community or the world) can truly understand and comprehend what is happening in order that the change can come about for the many other victims/survivors.

My stance has been for a long, long time (through Domestic Violence Voices – – and Beyond Words Live! – that there needs to be more platforms for those to speak out and tell their story (in their own words – and not just fitting the so-called restrictions and demographics of the media).  The more tools that can be provided for them to develop and figure out how the pieces fit, the better advocates they become themselves and for others, providing them more strength to continue changing and moving forward in their lives.

My own growth in the last 13, almost 15 years, has been an amazing journey; and, it hasn’t been so without being able to figure out how to tell my story.

It is my hope and prayer that my vision of an upcoming workshop will help many more to begin on their journey, if they have not begun so already, and/or further develop and provide new tools to those who have begun, but are still not quite sure which path to take.

On November 12th, I hope to be interviewing one such tool to providing that tool box with interviewing Bee Moorehead.  More details on that to be provided soon.  Stay tuned! :))


Power of Words + Working the Pieces of the Puzzle of Experiences = Powerful Stories to Tell :))


How do you tell your story?  What tools do you find useful in figuring out how all the pieces of the puzzle fit?  I’d love to hear from you more on this!



A great example of being the change and being your dream! (the Susan Boyle turning point by telling her story briefly)


I would so LOVE to attend this conference, but there is no reason that we can’t create our own movement through connecting to others with our own stories!


If the power of words weren’t so very crucial, there wouldn’t be the need for so many fabulous quotes about the power of words in!


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