Hurricane Sandy and the United Nations delegate role?

As I am working towards my goal to be at the United Nations through fundraising and educating myself more about the current global issues of violence against women and children through attendance of meetings and webinars, and lots of reading and research, I have also been training already through a faith based disaster relief resource.


Hurricane Sandy hits NYC, which is also home to the United Nations.   I still haven’t got a clear statement on the status of the buildings, Churches, and hotels surrounding the United Nations area; however, I have a feeling that, even if the buildings and meeting locations are cleared out before I arrive in March, there will be an additional task at hand and the disaster training that I have also been receiving with FEMA’s online training resources, Austin Disaster Relief Network’s in person training, and the American Red Cross training will come directly into play.

Sometimes, even the best laid plans seem to have a point in place where there becomes a ripple or two in the plans.  That’s okay.  I’m adaptable.  The CISM (Crisis Incident Stress Management) training, along with my advocacy skills will definitely come into play with doing some community involvement while I am up in NYC; especially because, as we all know, people who have been in disaster and traumatic events all have residual emotional effects from what they have experienced.   Some are more resilient than others, of course, but there will be those in areas that are hardest hit that may still be trying to cope and move forward with their lives.  After all, can you imagine being in a high rise apartment building (feeling secure in the fact that you won’t have water running through your home, even if the area is flooding) and the front part of your building is wiped off and taken away, leaving your home now exposed to the elements and an open view to the world, as if you lived in a giant’s dollhouse? or your home and your neighbors’ homes being wiped out by a fire a secondary disaster to the flooding being had in the city?  etc., etc.  There are so many stories — too many to tell in one blog posting.

Another thing that I hadn’t heard from is the status of the domestic violence shelters in the city?  How are they doing?  How are they coping?  How are their residents coping?  Are they going to have to close down for renovations and repairs?  Will they still be closed by the time that I arrive in March?  How many shelters in the City will have to close to repair?  Where will the victims/survivors of domestic violence in that City turn to for shelter?  Are there some temporary shelters being set up for domestic violence victims (since many of those shelters in that City are often staying full as it is)?

As if it wasn’t tragic enough that the City was hit by the flooding, but then it has new fallen snow within a week of the damages resulted from Hurricane Sandy?  While snow, in itself isn’t all that damaging, but it can delay progress in reconstructing, and when it does melt, it just adds to all the already saturated soils.

Hopefully, those in the most devasting areas of NYC will be able to recover quickly, especially with thousands of volunteers swarming upon them and the surrounding areas of NYC/NY that weren’t affected so drastically.  We do know New Yorkers are more resilient, having survive such horrific traumas such as 9-1-1, but prayers are still needed for many there who are suffering physical and emotional damages as a residual to the storm.  And, I’m not discounting those affected in other areas/States, such as New Jersey; it is just that, because my goal is the United Nations (in NYC) in the spring, I am more focused directly on those in NYC.

I try not to question the why of God’s urging me to go on a certain path (such as all the advocacy roles that I have had throughout my lifetime, as well as crisis response and disaster response trainings that I have had); I just follow and be guided by Him.  Somehow, I need to get there… I pray that I am able to raise the donations to get there.  If you would like to help, go to the GoFundMe link to the right of this posting.  All sizes of donations are greatly appreciated!!



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