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Novem­ber 25, 2012 – Inter­na­tional Day for the Elim­i­na­tion of Vio­lence Against Women

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The United Nations has des­ig­nated Sun­day, Novem­ber 25 as the “Inter­na­tional Day for the Elim­i­na­tion of Vio­lence Against Women.” All around the world, peo­ple will be tak­ing action and rais­ing aware­ness about the global epi­demic of vio­lence that affects all of us. This Sun­day will also be this month’s Orange Day: read more about that here.

What bet­ter day to engage your church to SPEAK OUT against rape and gen­der based vio­lence in all its forms?

As a church and as indi­vid­u­als, we can­not keep silent while this vio­lence con­tin­ues all around and among us. We Will Speak Out (US) is cur­rently a cam­paign of IMA World Health. We are actively work­ing to form a coali­tion of faith-based orga­ni­za­tions and indi­vid­u­als who are ded­i­cated to chang­ing the cul­ture of vio­lence both in our own com­mu­ni­ties and around the world. We are work­ing together with the We Will Speak Out (Global) coali­tion to unite the faith com­mu­nity with prac­ti­cal action plans in the coun­tries where we work.

We’re call­ing all con­gre­ga­tions across the world, across faiths and denom­i­na­tions, to ded­i­cate SPEAK OUT SUNDAY to dia­logue, teach­ing, and pray­ing about sex­ual and gen­der based violence.

The church is, or should be, a place of love, accep­tance, heal­ing, and for­give­ness. Though the topic may be sen­si­tive for some, if we don’t raise our voices against rape, sex­ual vio­lence, abuse, and oppres­sion, who will?

Please SPEAK OUT with us Sun­day, Novem­ber 25!

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Additional tips and suggestions to do:

Tip: This impor­tant day also coin­cides with the UN’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gen­der Vio­lence, observed from Novem­ber 25 through Decem­ber 11. If you do not wor­ship on Sun­days, please feel free to host a “SPEAK OUT SABBATH” or “SPEAK OUT SERVICE” on a nearby date dur­ing the 16 Days!


1. Ask your pas­tor to preach a spe­cial mes­sage.WWSO mem­bers have joined forces to write a set of thought­ful, Scripture-based ser­mons to help pas­tors and other faith lead­ers engage their con­gre­ga­tions about this del­i­cate but crit­i­cal issue. Down­load NOW!

2. Post Speak Out Sun­day fly­ers around your church.Entrances, bath­room stalls, and water foun­da­tions are a great place to get atten­tion! Post the mes­sage about Speak Out Sun­day around your church to help raise aware­ness and sen­si­tiv­ity. Down­load NOW!

3. Wear your words.Down­load one of our sten­cils, care­fully cut out the design, and spray paint a t-shirt to make your mes­sage known. Down­load com­ing soon!

4. Start a sup­port group or coun­sel­ing ser­vice.Many churches have qual­i­fied coun­selors avail­able for those who need a car­ing, lis­ten­ing ear. If your church has coun­sel­ing ser­vices, pro­mote it in your bul­letin and explore ways to take away the stigma of coun­sel­ing. If coun­sel­ing is not cur­rently avail­able, talk to your church lead­er­ship about this need.

5. Engage your Youth.This is not too mature a topic for teens and tweens—many have lived through abuse or date rape. And learn­ing how to respect and treat one another must start early.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said, “Vio­lence against women and girls takes many forms and is wide­spread through­out the globe. […] On this Inter­na­tional Day, I urge gov­ern­ments and part­ners around the world to har­ness the energy, ideas and lead­er­ship of young peo­ple to help us to end this pan­demic of vio­lence. Only then will we have a more just, peace­ful and equi­table world.”

6. Sign our pledge.Please add your voice to our call to end Sex­ual and Gen­der Based Vio­lence!

7. Join the faith move­ment.IMA World Health is ask­ing churches affil­i­ated with our mem­ber agen­cies to par­tic­i­pate. Please join the move­ment! Our mem­ber include: Adven­tist Devel­op­ment & Relief; Amer­i­can Bap­tist Churches; Church of the Brethren; Church World Ser­vice; Epis­co­pal Relief & Devel­op­ment; Lutheran World Relief; Men­non­ite Cen­tral Com­mit­tee; Methodist Com­mit­tee on Relief & Devel­op­ment; Pres­by­ter­ian Church (U.S.A.); United Church of Christ; Chris­t­ian Church (Dis­ci­ples of Christ) Week of Compassion.

8. Visit the UN’s 16 Days of Activism web­site for more great ideas and to join the effort.This is a global effort. Join in!


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