Thanksgiving Week Usually Begats Gratitude Week

I am often grateful that Thanksgiving is towards the end of the year, which gives way for us to figuring out what about this year are we truly grateful for, before we begin to think about what it is that we would like for our new goals/resolutions will be for the upcoming year.  Sometimes, if one is honest with oneself with their gratitude lists, it means to be a bit vulnerable in letting out a bit more than folks may typically see of themselves; but these gratitude lists are also a way to start analyzing the past year to best identify where we see ourselves traveling upon the path before ourselves.  Looking forward to hearing some things that you are also grateful for!!

1.  I am grateful for the 6 years I had with the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  The experience was invaluable wherein I had the opportunity to talk to 30,000-40,000 folks just on the hotline itself (not to mention to the teens that I talked to on the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline (nka the National Dating Abuse Helpline).  With any role where you are helping others, invaluable lessons can be continued to be learned and relearned through hearing of the experiences that the callers are going through, which allowed myself to grow even further.  I am grateful that I was in a place of healing that I could receive those lessons without being affected by their anger, frustrations, etc. that were “normal” in their current set of circumstances.

2.  I am grateful to experience a sense of shell-shock which came to me at a time in my life which turns out to be a turning point in my life, after working for 40 years straight for others, in a variety of retail, administrative, legal, and advocacy roles which were oftentimes layered one upon another as I worked 2-3 jobs during the greater majority of those years.  I’m not that I have ever stopped working for any length of time that allowed me to experience the extreme shell shock, which gives me rise to truly understand first hand when people say that they could just not move, excepting for things that they knew that they must absolutely have to do.  Not that I would wish that experience upon anyone, it is one that gives me another layer of understanding with victims, that I hadn’t experienced myself as a survivor twice over.  Perhaps, it was a bit delayed in that I always had my work to keep me from having to reach that point in my life previously.  It provides me that extra layer of understanding of victims and I will always be grateful for that experience, and grateful for the friends and family that were around me at that time, and the resources (great life coaches and counselors to talk to) available to me, to help me cross over that stage in my life.

3.  I am grateful for my daughter to have passed her NCLEX examination so that she could transition from training for her career to actually transform into the role of her dream job of being a RN in the hospital environment.   I am so proud of her beyond belief.

4.  I am grateful for my granddaughter who brings me smiles and laughter to no ends and truly amazed that she is 5 years old now.

5.  I’m grateful to George who is extremely supportive of me and helps me to have the time at home to develop my new business(es) and goes with me to trainings that we are working upon to train ourselves for helping others in times of disasters.

6.  I’m grateful for my father who has helped to cushion the financial needs that goes along with not working traditionally and fulfilling passion needs.

7.  I’m grateful to my fans with Domestic Violence Voices, Beyond Words Live, etc. who continue to spur me on to continue my advocacies that I do through those vehicles to do so — facebook pages, radio platform, blogs and more.  It is with this encouragement that I am working on writing a book.

8.  I’m grateful to the supportive family we have found with our Church family at Hope Presbyterian.

9.  I’m grateful to George being afforded with the experience of the Emmaus walk so that (1) he was able to take that spiritual journey in life, (2) he was able to build up some relationships with other men folk, and (3) he is having something else that we can share (with my having taken my spiritual walk back in 1999).

10.  I’m grateful for being considered and accepted as a delegate role for the United Nations’ Commission on Status of Women through the Presbytery.  It is a role of a lifetime and I cannot wait to be there in March.  I’m also grateful to know that I am going to be one of 72 folks, a large group of very talented folks.

11.  I’m grateful for being considered for a leadership role with the Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network.  While I haven’t been updated yet on the outcome, I’m grateful for the journey and the appreciation of my background and experiences that lend well to the leadership role(s) within that network.

12.  I’m grateful for the role that we, George and myself, have become involved in with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and the leadership role(s) that we are beginning to be involved with as Disaster Relief Coordinators.  It’s opening up to George the idea that he has many more skills than he had thought he had before, as well as giving us the opportunity to take on leadership roles at our Church.



Before the week ends, I’m certain that there will be many more gratitudes to add to this list as I continue to explore the endless reasons that I am so grateful for experiences, friends and family that surround me, which provides me the opportunity to truly live in this world and provide some opportunities to give back to those around me as well.

What are YOU grateful for?  I’d love to hear more from you as well.




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