Presbytery Urge to a Cease Fire in Gaza..

While not everyone has an appreciation for Thanksgiving like us Americans do (I have no doubt 😉 ), we really are grateful for those around us in this world and would love to see world peace — even if it is only for a day.   Pay this Action Alert forward to urge more in a peaceful moment, if only for this day.  

A blurb announcement arrive in my email today from ABC Breaking News…

Breaking News from

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Travel to Middle East Amid Gaza Crisis [2:48 a.m. ET]

For more on this and other breaking news go to

I don’t know whether it is because Hillary Clinton had arrived there and brought some senses to their minds – or, if they are doing it because she is going there.  Just pray for peace and the safe travels of Hillary Clinton, just days before our Thanksgiving Day.  I don’t think that the Presbytery had received the news about Hillary Clinton prior sending out this email action alert, but (all the same), please do what you can…


Urge Immediate Efforts to End Gaza Violence!


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As violence escalates in Southern Israel and Gaza, we must urge the US government to spare no effort in securing a cease-fire between Israeli forces and militant groups in Gaza.  At least 72 Palestinians, many of them civilians and some children, have been killed in Israeli attacks since the latest round of violence began following Israel’s assassination of Hamas’ military commander Ahmed al-Jabari last Wednesday. Over 900 missiles or projectiles have been launched at Israel from Gaza over the past few days, with at least three Israeli civilians killed and many more injured.  More deaths are likely if there is an Israeli ground offensive into Gaza.
It is urgent that United States call on all the parties in the current conflict  to restrain from using force and, rather, to trust a diplomatic process. We mourn the loss of life on both sides and call now on the United States to exercise bold leadership in an effort to immediately end the violence, restore the cease-fire and lift the blockade of Gaza’s borders.
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Even as Americans head into a season of Thanksgiving and preparation for the gift of Christ’s peace – let us pause to remember those in Israel and Gaza who know no peace but instead face only violence and the threat of violence. We pray and act for the day when violence will end and a just peace will dawn in the Middle East and in our world.
The White House needs to hear from concerned American Christians that the U.S. must work with international partners to bring about an immediate cease-fire for the sake of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Without an urgent diplomatic solution, both Palestinians and Israelis will suffer, the risk of a broader confrontation will increase, and hope for a renewed peace process will grow ever dimmer.  The Obama administration has an opportunity now to take serious action on behalf of Israeli-Palestinian peace and to safeguard U.S. interests. Congress too must encourage and support American diplomatic leadership.

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