Role of Talking in Our Lives

Recently a question was asked in’s “Discussions” section:

Why talking helps ideas to get shaped?

Do you think ideas are faster shaped when speaking with others, rather than when thinking by yourself?

I responded with:  I urge those in my Domestic Violence Voices fb page to share their voice to effectively do the same thing — sharing (and talking about ideas) begets change, and change can make a difference in our community/state/nation and global interactions – perhaps to even the end that there is no violence in the world.  One can hope.  It begins with hearing the who in Whoville and carrying the message(s) forward so that everyone, everywhere can be heard!

There are many other responses to those questions in that thread of discussion point.  I would love to hear what would your response have been.  Do you have some specific thoughts?  Please feel free to share.


It’s the same reason I share this blog — talking through words to instigate thoughts and ideas from others to come up with the missing pieces to the part of my journey travels.  I learn through others; others are, hopefully, taking some ideas that I share to share with others to help continue the passing of knowledge.  (I, like others who share ideas/suggestions, would just like to received some form of credit for coming up with some ideas that influence and/or begets the change necessary to change our society/communities/etc.)

I am also excited that “talking” is going to be a component as a role of a delegate at the United Nations’ Commission on Status of Women and Children in March.  Communication is a key to coming up with some resolves, as well as conveying the ideas and suggestions in a manner that others understand fully what is being conveyed.  I pray that, through practicing in my blogs to put my own thoughts and ideas together, I will be able to effectively convey my ideas and suggestions while in New York City at the United Nations.    I pray, too, that everyone there will be in attendance with open hearts, open minds, open soul to receive ideas and suggestions to be able to piece together a great global resolve.



2 comments on “Role of Talking in Our Lives

    • Thank you for sharing that. White Ribbon Day is a based in the U.K. and/or Canada, from what I understand. We need those days to spread Internationally, as well, to bring about change globally. 🙂

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