Advent Wreath & Candles


This morning, in our Inter-generational Sunday School, we made advent wreaths for our advent candles for the Holidays. It’s a tradition that was started around 1925.

I love traditions. Brings about a sense of normalcy in the midst of what can be a chaotic/eventful/blessed year. Having the expectations of some degree of normalcy through traditions is always nice — even when you are a bit nomadic or deeply rooted in your grounding.

If your traditions have been momentarily changed or left behind for some reason, there is no reason why that they can’t be recreated or start anew with some new traditions.

One thing that was traditional for our family was seeing a small Christmas tree filled with Styrofoam ball ornaments (with scraps of fabric, rick-rack, sequins, push pins, etc.) that my sister, Cindy, and I made one year when we were both home sick with tonsillitis. This small Christmas tree was put up each year without fail. That was at my parent’s home though. Since we don’t have Christmas events at my parent’s much anymore (since my sisters have seemed to have done taken the roles of hosting the Christmas events). I miss seeing that little Christmas tree with those specially handmade ornaments, but I have many fond memories that I hold dearly of the time at which they were made and the care my Mother always put them out each year, with a great deal of pride.

Love to hear what some of your traditions are during the holidays!


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