Update Provided to Domestic Violence Voices!

One of the things I have been doing since 2009-2010 is building up my Facebook page, Domestic Violence Voices (http://facebook.com/domesticviolencevoices), where I encourage and empower survivors to share their voices.  Today, I have taken the branding of Domestic Violence Voices to a new level by creating a website (http://domesticviolencevoices.org).  It has been something that I had been considering doing over the course of the years, and with a burning urge to do so this year with my theme of “Connecting the Dots”.  The other thing that gave me that extra push to do so was attending a social media seminar this week where they brought about the topic for a short time in the seminar about the ICANN who will be releasing more *.* possibilities when it comes to domain naming.  Without going into a lot of details about it right now, it did get me to thinking about some ways that I can try to position myself to protect the branding that I have been working so very hard to establish.  It’s no longer enough to build the brand through facebook and some other social media sites, you really have to think about the bigger picture; we all have to start somewhere to see if our ideas are accepted by the masses of folks before we take that leap of faith.  Maybe, I should have done that long time ago, perhaps?  I’m not sure that anyone can determine when the perfect time is to leap and take grander leap of faiths; somehow, though, as I am taking my personal development to a larger picture (that of being a delegate at the United Nations’ Commission on Status of Women and Children) to delve deeper on the global topics related to violence against women and children, I have to decide upon taking the brandings that I have been working so hard to build alongside me.  It only makes sense to do so.  You don’t leave your past behind, you take it with you so that they, too, can benefit on the strengths that you want to shine upon and continue to explore further for greater understandings related to and surrounding the  question, “How can we improve upon what we do today to make it a better life for generations to come to live with freedoms in a world with no gender violence  against women and children, and including every other category of genders that you can identify in this world?”

This is the announcement I made in my Domestic Violence Voices facebook page to let them understand the possible shifting in Domestic Violence Voices as we continue to grow and expand:

Just to bring you up to date, I’m taking DVVs to another level… and not restrict it just to Facebook. I have started to create a website (http://domesticviolencevoices.org/) to secure our footings in the bigger picture and scheme of things. It’s just time to do so, as I am also moving to a new level of advocacy with being a delegate at the United Nations in March 2013 at the Commission on Status of Women and Children’s discussions on global issues surrounding violence against women and children. It’s a great journey that I am undertaking with a lot of education pieces that I am doing in preparation prior getting there (as well as a lot of fundraising in order to make sure that I can pay my way there). 

If you see our Facebook page taking on a new shift in the upcoming months, hold on to your hats…. and grab hold of the kite strings… as this movement just might take a new twist to the approach we have been taking, based upon the understandings and new knowledge I find along during my journey.

It SHOULD be exciting… I’m doing happy dances and getting my endurance up to walking more and standing more…reading up on protocols at the United Nations …and gaining more of a global understanding of what is happening out there insofar as domestic violence, human trafficking, sex trading, honor killings, genital mutilation, etc. — not only here in the United States, but in the whole world.

I want to take away from it all and find out whether or not the United States is doing all that they can and/or is there another Country that is, perhaps, getting a better handle on things — and, why that is. It’s a lot to learn in 3 weeks that I will be in New York City; which, is why I’ve reached out to learn all that I can beyond what I know, before I get there.



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