Addition to this, through my passion and determination to be a delegate at the United Nations, it isn’t providing me an income that pays me to make ends meet, as required in the economical picture of society, but it does serve as part of my give back to the community in appreciation of the services that were provided to me during the healthy domestic violence relationships that I had been in; it’s an effort of paying it forward and trying to make sure that no one else has to see the light of day of what I had to go through. It’s so important that I convey my passion in the best possible manner; and, the delegation role is instrumental in doing so. I can’t wait to be in New York City to really truly begin a new journey leg of my passion to bring about a greater awareness of the issues of, especially, violence against women and children.

It’s an amazing journey just within these few months; I can’t even fathom what the journey is going to look like from March 2013, moving forward!

Domestic Violence Voices


From my High School alma matter.  The quote is so right on target through.  Although we all have passions, not all of our passions are what we are making a living at (even though we would certainly love doing so).  Our passions are often areas that we give; therefore, those are also the areas that help us to make a life for ourselves.  Without our passions we don’t refuel our lives; without refueling our lives, we really don’t really truly live.

In Domestic Violence Voices, the creed has always been (and always will be centered around “Sharing Our Voices”.  By giving away our passion and belief in something as important as  creating and strengthening an awareness of domestic violence issues, as well the overall concept of bringing and end (locally, nationally and globally) to the vast issues of violence against women and children as a whole.  Bringing men victims into…

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